What a garbage! I prefer to eat acorns

Added 2012-08-08T15:13:12+0000

It is sleeping,I'm dreaming

Added 2012-08-08T15:06:43+0000

How can I think with this duck on my head?

Added 2012-08-08T15:04:01+0000

Hello.What is your name?

Added 2012-08-08T15:03:15+0000

snuggle me

Added 2012-08-08T15:02:15+0000

I'll take care of you until I'm alive

Added 2012-08-07T11:38:46+0000

Forgive me I was wrong

Added 2012-08-07T11:37:50+0000

ballet dancer

Added 2012-08-07T11:36:10+0000

Oh,God!What are you doing?

Added 2012-08-07T11:35:30+0000

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